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Our World is in Trouble - Flat Earth Lies - John Lennon - JF Kennedy - Admiral Byrd - Moon Landing Hoax - Biggest Secret about Money - Agenda 21 - Michael Tellinger

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NOTE: This is NOT all about the Flat Earth theory. It is only an Example. It talks about so much more; about YOUR Life and the State of Control we are All Under. Please read the entire message with an open mind. I hope it will make some sense to things which are happening now. The World and all of its’ Species are in great danger.

Information about the Flat Earth is gaining more popularity, as more and more people are beginning to see and understand that the Earth is undeniably flat.

Short Video about the Flat Earth Theory

If you found that interesting, here is another...

Right from early schooling, we are shown a Globe and told about Religion. Why are these things so important when we are only 4 or 5 years old? This early child age is when the Programming and Mind Manipulation really begins. It’s called Education and we are brainwashed from the beginning of life. We believe and are convinced from birth that the earth is a globe and this brainwashing follows through our life. If someone is brainwashed, then it is very difficult for us to follow, accept or understand a different narrative.

So when we look at “Flat Earth videos” on Youtube, it is very difficult for us to accept or comprehend what is clearly real and true. By using science and mathematics, it would normally be very easy to explain why the earth is flat. But because you have been brainwashed all your life, you find it very difficult to comprehend. It's like you are in a trance. Your mind just can’t accept it. The thought possibility is blocked. Are we really living on a Globe and spinning at over 1,000 MPH? Are we really travelling around the Sun at 66,600 MPH, on this Ball spinning at over 1,000 MPH like the Scientists lead us to believe? Can you feel it?

You need to open your mind. Search on Youtube for “Flat Earth” and watch some videos. Pause the videos, when you see something you can't comprehend. Relax and think. It is all very logical, mathematical and scientific. The Earth is Flat. The top Politicians (Presidents and Prime Ministers) know this. Presidents like JF Kennedy, wanted to inform about all his new Presidential knowledge, all the cover-ups, but they killed him before he could. Remember his speeches about the lies, secrecy, corruption and conspiracies? He was going to reveal everything, but they took his life. His murder was very clearly linked to the Freemasons. You need to research that yourself though.

John F Kennedy Famous Speech about Lies, Conspiracy and Cover-ups

Remember John Lennon of the Beatles? He also believed the Flat Earth Theory and before his murder he gave enlightenment and ideas and publicly questioned the government and the world we live in, so he was assassinated. Many things like the assassinations of JF Kennedy and John Lennon were happening around this time and there was clearly a reason for it. There are no coincidences. 

John Lennon Famous Advice about the Power of the People and Our Crazy Politicians

They guard the "South Pole constantly from intruders. You can never go to the South Pole. Because if you was allowed free access and travel around and over the South Pole, you will soon discover the truth. We have been lied to for years. If you wake up, you will realize.

"Admiral Richard E Byrd" (Look him up on YouTube), travelled to the South Pole, after World War 2. Look him up and listen to him! After his initial discovery, he was allowed to return with Warships, Planes and Helicopters. He stayed there for many years and studied and researched it. He was filmed and viewed by millions of people. Maybe this Public Broadcast was a mistake at the time. But it was broadcasted and you can watch it on Youtube. Admiral Byrd could not reveal everything to us, but he revealed there was hidden lands there, with huge riches in mineral resources and there was land; Quote, “As much as the Size of America”. Why did they never explore and mine these resources? Why don't we ever hear this information now? Why don't we hear more now about the new lands (The size of America) and about the new discoveries? It's all covered up now and we are clearly lied to. Obama publicly ridicules the "Flat Earth Society". Why does he publicly attack them so much? Unless it’s true and he looks nervous when he rebukes them. So take a look at the videos of Admiral Richard E Byrd. Who would you believe more? Admiral Byrd or President Obama? Why did the Government spend millions of dollars on Resources and men for many years in the 1940's and 1950's if there was nothing there?

Interview With Admiral Richard E Byrd

Why did they go to the Moon? They didn't by the way! And what prompted the "Space Race" in the end of 1950 to early 1960? Well, it's because when the discoveries were being made about the South Pole being something completely different (A huge Ice wall encircling the entire World). At this time it was realized that the Earth was actually Flat. So, they had to show us the "Ball Earth", from space. They had to land on the Moon and send pictures back of the Earth from Space.

Ten Reasons Why the Moon Landing Hoax is Real

The Moon landings were all a Hoax. They was filmed in studios and it was a lie. All the Space Men were Freemasons, actors and liars. The whole Lunar Exploration Projects were just to "Convince Humans" about the lies we have always been told. Once they had done enough to convince us about being on a Globe, they just dropped Space Travel. Search for information about Moon Landing Hoax on Youtube or Google. You will see so much convincing evidence about the Moon Landing Hoax and Space-Travel being a lie.

It's all being shown to you in plain sight. Please everyone, there is so much lies and cover-ups to the worthless people (us, the slaves and ignorant fools). The banking system is made to create slavery and you don't realize it because -  "That's just the way it is". Haha Money is not real and it will always come to an end and have to be restarted again and again, as it has been that way over thousands of years. Click below and watch the Biggest Secret about Money ...

Learn the Biggest Secret About Your Money!

Pharmaceutical Medicines are here to make money and wealth and power for the limited few. The Elite. There are clearly “Cures for Cancer” and all Illnesses, particularly in the oldest drugs on earth. What we call “Natural Medicines”. The Elite can't make huge profits from telling you to grow your own walnuts, pomegranite or whatever. So they created Pharmaceutical Corporations in the early 1900’s and made legislation that bans the use of natural remedies. Therefore you will suffer and die (needlessly) and spend all your money on often useless "legalized" drug treatments. This creates huge wealth and power for the Elite, who own and run the Pharmaceutical Industries.

The FDA was not created to protect and help us. It was designed to Protect and give more power to the Pharmaceutical Corporations, in turn owned by the Elite. It is only intended to make as much money as the Elite Possibly can. The Elite i.e. Rockerfeller and so on, controlled and owned the Pharmaceutical Industry from the start. They saw the possibilities of controlling profit, wealth and power, from the start, during the last century. It has been proven the FDA often approves drugs, which are known to have harmful side-effects, but which makes great profits for the Industry.

There are cures for Cancer, Heart, Kidney, Liver Diseases etc. Yes, “cheap remedies”, from naturally growing plants and minerals. But the information is covered because the Elite can't make Billions of Dollars from it. And the Legislation protects them and not you who need it. It’s where they control by lobbying and corrupt Governments.

Please watch more Flat Earth Videos on YouTube and try to get your head around it. Then you will be making steps to WAKE UP. There is so much going on in this world which seems wrong and unacceptable. Why don't we "Question Everything"? If we were to Question Everything, we will always see a pattern. There is ALWAYS a reason for everything. 

Over 160 countries voted in Brazil, in 1992, for "Agenda 21" otherwise known as "Sustained Development". Search on Google or Youtube for "Agenda 21" and be informed. It is a plan to wipe out humanity. They plan to Eliminate 7 Billion humans from the face of the Earth. They will limit your Freedom, where you can live, what you do, what you have, how long you will live. The ones allowed to live (lucky survivors) will be chipped. You hear about them now wanting to remove Cash. How will they remove cash? Easy, they will insert a Micro Chip in your hand. Then they will know where you are. They can cut off your Money supply with the flick of a switch; they can find you and eliminate you and so many things. 

 This is one of the most Important videos you will ever see on Agenda 21! It's happening right now.

The easiest way to eliminate billions from the earth is to Collapse the World Economy. Cut the value of money in an instant. Without money, there would be no work, no wages, no money, so no resources like petrol, water, electricity, no food, no shops etc. Nothing. Everyone would fight and riot and rob and pillage. There would be no order because there is no pay for the army or police. Everyone will kill each other like in a crazy Mad Max Movie.

This is not a Conspiracy Theory. This is a Fact. When you thoroughly understand what Agenda 21 is about, then EVERYTHING that is happening now in the world all fits into place. Search on Youtube for “Agenda 21”.

The world is waking up, but not fast enough. Now we have a race on our hands to wake up more people. We can see the problems in the world are happening more often, and more severe. Things are happening faster and it's getting blatantly obvious. The Elite are getting bolder. A Final push from the Elite is getting closer. As more people are waking up and becoming aware, it seems the New World Order is getting bolder and they are in a hurry to make their Final Play before enough people Realize and we all make a stand. I'm not talking about a Revolution to take back our Country. I’m talking about a World Revolution to reset everything and Destroy the Elite who are clearly behind the New World Order. The Elite who have this Dream of their New World Order, try to hide and dilute their identity by forming groups, such as Bilderberg, Illuminate, Freemasons, NATO, IMF, United Nations etc. They are the ones positioned at the Top of the Pyramid, which you keep seeing and they are in Charge of All our Governments. Actually, it’s just a few families and Groups in this World who run the whole thing. You would be amazed if you knew who these people really are.

Inform yourself of the truth and don't let yourself "Sleep walk into an Early Death!"

I'm not mad. I'm not deluded and I’m not stupid. I'm very serious and I'm wide awake. I could write about this subject for days. We are all distracted and kept busy by Sport, Alcohol and Television. The Television is a major tool of the Elite. The Elite owns most of the Media Corporations in the world. The Television tells you what the Elite Media Owners want you to know. I see cover-ups in real news every day. They distract us and Terrorize us with False Flag events. By the way, Russia does NOT want a World War. But I expect you will be hearing more talk of this in the near future. Have you seen the lies our Prime Ministers and Presidents etc have told so far this year?

When there is a very serious issue in the world, it is not always the way things seem. The Media tells a story and we are easily taken in. Remember, the Elite Owns the Media and it is just a tool to control and manipulate our minds.

If you believe in 9/11, the Twin Towers and Tower #7, blown up on the same day as the Pentagon was hit by a "Bullshit Jet", then maybe you will believe I see "Flying Pigs" every day. There is so much evidence about these Staged Events. And there is ALWAYS a reason for them happening - TERROR. Your Governments always wants to TERRORIZE YOU! The evidence is there, the reasons are there, you know 9/11 was staged, BY YOUR Government Forces - to kill your own people. Yes, your Government was responsible for thousands of deaths in the Twin Towers! And STILL YOU DO NOTHING! Instead we Bomb a Country full of Innocent Civilians and leave a huge Region of the Planet in Perpetual War! Because of the 9/11 Terrorist Event, blatantly obviously staged by order of the American Government, we have started wars all across the Middle East. And all connected to Religion, Oil, Money, Power and other Darker Reasons while based on Lies. Why was no-one ever brought to account? Blair and Bush knew there was no Weapons of Mass Destruction. They lied and because they was on OUR SIDE, we let them get away with what has resulted in millions of deaths and misery and destruction. Where is the Justice? There is no Justice there is only shame on our Nations for what we have done. 

Charlie Sheen 9/11 World Trade Center Conspiracy

Oh, I must remind you, Hilary Clinton will love something like this. I believe she is part of the Elite’s meticulous plan. She is the next step to Introducing and Forcing the New World Order upon us.

AMERICAS MAJOR BUDGET SPENDING is on WAR and Weapons of War. If only they had spent “NO” Money on War; and there was “No” Need for Expensive Drugs. Then there would be money and resources in abundance for the whole world.

Free Energy has been possible since the days of Nikola Tesla, but he was killed and his all research on Free Energy was stolen. Again, the Rockerfellers and the rest of the Elite Society can make more profit from selling Oil than to allow Free Energy. They impeded and prevented Tesla from making progress; stole his ideas and eventually silenced him. The Elite Control everything.

My Favourite person in the World right now, is a man called, "Michael Tellinger". I stumbled across him on a YouTube video about Ancient Discoveries in Africa. His dream is to have a World of Peaceful Humans, who live without Money or Weapons of War. We should all revert to the Ancient Ways. To use the good things we have learned about Health and Natural Medicines. There is enough land and natural resources for everyone on the planet. We can all have free energy and there is no need for mankind to be polluting anything.

The Future of Mankind and What Choices do we have. Discussion by Michael Tellinger.

If people insist on religions, they should be humble and kind and tolerate each other’s beliefs.

Anyway, I could go on forever about this topic. My General Message is "Try to be Informed. Learn more about the Real Truth and don't let yourself "Sleep walk into an Early Death!"” We need to Wake Up as many people as possible. It's OUR DUTY to Inform.

The Greatest Speech Ever Made - by Charlie Chaplin

If you can see and agree with what I am telling you and truly care for the world which we are privileged to live on, please share this message. Thank you. Peace.


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